imagine something better…

Imagine you arrived in nature. At a campsite in a Provincial Park. 

Imagine that all around you was only what grows here. Only what was here before you or anyone else had ever been there.

That is nature, beyond what mankind has touched. That is the ecological integrity that our Parks were meant to preserve.

Sadly, it’s a dream. Sadly we have dropped the debris of our urban selves on the ground and in the woods and in the water in our Parks.

Every small deliberate action has a direct effect on the quality of life for all. 

Every bread tag left behind, every water bottle cap dropped on the ground impacts the ecological integrity of Ontario’s Provincial Parks. 

As Caring Campers we cannot allow this to continue. 

So we pick up the debris, we sort out the trash, we remove the impact and footprint of others because we care.

We care because your mess is mine, and unless any of us act to make a difference we all fail.

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