campers want to recycle…

After five weeks of working with small deliberate actions to make a waste free Ontario we’ve learned that campers at Ontario’s Provincial Parks want to recycle.

When we meet them at their campsites or at the waste bins they tell us “great job!” or “thank you for your hard work!”

We love to hear this feedback. And even when they tell us they have no recyclables in that big black bag, but it’s full of plastic bottles or cans, we understand that’s only because they just don’t have time to sort their trash and want to be on their way home.

Campers, like everybody, want to do the right thing. And Caring Campers Canada is here to help them do that.

To date, and working part time as volunteers, we’ve collected, sorted and diverted by hand more than 460 kilograms of recyclable waste at only one Provincial Park. We’re proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time but there’s so much more to be done. 

Thanks, many many thanks to all of the campers who’ve taken the time to participate in our project. We celebrate everyone who’s committed to reducing our waste through small deliberate actions. Nature and the coming generations thank you too!

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